Hans van Löben Sels is a maker of fine handmade guitars, working in the Netherlands. He opened his workshop in Amersfoort in 1986 and has sold instruments to guitarists in Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Israel, USA and Korea.
All instruments are entirely made by hand, one or two at a time, from the best materials to be found, with all the attention a fine instrument needs.

Van Löben Sels:
"The choice of woods and type of finish are very important for the resulting guitar, but a European spruce soundboard, Brazilian rosewood and french-polished shellac are not necessarily the best choice for every player. For a certain player the best choice could be cedar, Indian rosewood and sprayed lacquer. I like to discuss every aspect and choice to be made with the player to come to a suitable instrument.
Since the instruments are made individually, many aspects such as stringlength, stringspacing, the shape of the neck can be made to meet the wishes and possibilities of the player at no extra costs. The prices mentioned here are the prices of the guitars in theirs most economical forms, without making any concession to the quality of the instruments or their sound. I will be pleased to make you the guitar of your choice."